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As Canada’s largest payment processor1, we harness the power of over 3.5 billion transactions received in real-time, across all types of businesses, industries, card brands, and geographic areas. Our timely data provides high frequency insights into the purchasing behaviour of Canadian consumers.

Consumer spending data

Understand the shifts and trends in consumer spending and perform comparative analysis across regions or industries to help you inform forecasting and monitor the economic impact of your business decisions.

Location data

Accessing data that is analyzed on an aggregate level amongst billions of transactions can help you uncover actionable insights to improve your geo-targeting, measure the impact of store proximity, and more!

Tourism data

Domestic and foreign tourism spending data delivers insights on where tourists are arriving from, the types of businesses they spend money on, how much they are spending, and the trends over time.

Economic trend data

Anticipate the impacts of future disruptions, support response plans, and efforts towards economic recovery with our real-time consumer spending and economic trend data.

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Consumer spend data

See the economic impact of real-world events.

Location data

Understand where your customers are and where they shop.

Work Smarter with Moneris® Data Services

Uncover key insights to attract local, domestic, and international tourists by accessing travel-related spend data.

Inform economic policy and recovery by looking at consumer spending across different industries and regions in Canada.

Influence your businesses’ future growth plans by understanding consumer behaviour at each store location.

Tailor your marketing strategies and optimize your spend by understanding where your customers are located and shop.

Moneris Data Services dimensions and measures include:

Weekly reporting frequency
Biweekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery
Up to 30 spending categories
Card count + dollar volume
Average nights stayed for overnight accommodations

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Moneris supports all major card brands, payment apps, and issuing banks in Canada, making our data inclusive and comprehensive.