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With Moneris Data Services, you'll have access to weekly consumer spending data to support your research and strategy.

Here’s the latest Canadian consumer spending data.

Rich and timely consumer spending
data for smarter research and strategy.

Easily support your new or ongoing research, forecasting models, and policies with Moneris Data Services. You'll gain the raw data and insights you need to analyze and monitor Canadian consumer spending including COVID-19 recovery trends.

Timely reports

Stay up-to-date with weekly consumer spending reports from Moneris, Canada’s largest payment processor.1

Consumer context

See where consumers are spending, how much they’re spending, and what they’re spending on, with data from 3.5+ billion annual debit and credit transactions across Canada.

Geographic locations

Get a full view of consumer spending trends across Canada with data presented at a national, provincial, city or even FSA level2 - based on transactions from +350,000 unique merchant locations, coast-to-coast.

Industry segments

Understand consumer spending at a cross-industry level, which can be segmented into specific verticals, including restaurant, grocery, apparel, travel, and more.

Essential insights to help you make smarter decisions.

With our high frequency and geographically relevant insights, you’ll be able to research, plan and forecast in the most efficient way possible.

Weekly economic insights

Get a clear picture of what’s happening across Canada in near real-time with weekly insights on consumer spending trends across unique industry verticals and geographic levels.

Event-driven insights

Easily understand how projects such as new bike lanes, transit plans, or construction developments impact consumer spending within a specific area.

Tourism spending insights

See how tourism affects consumer economic trends with insights on where tourists are arriving from, what businesses they’re spending on, and how much they’re spending.

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