Make your international customers feel at home.

Be prepared for incoming tourists this summer by offering Dynamic Currency Conversion in your store.

Give your international customers the option to
pay in their own local currency.

How does it work?

Your POS device recognizes the international currency of the credit or debit card used.

The shopper is prompted to select the currency that they would like the transaction to be processed in.

If the customer chooses their foreign currency option, the terminal applies the exchange rate to the transactions and automatically converts the $CAD amount to the foreign currency amount.

A receipt is generated displaying the $CAD amount, the foreign currency amount, and the rate of exchange. 

Why DCC?

Easy to setup and supports over 110 currencies.

Real-time, on-the-spot currency conversion offers convenience and helps avoid pricing confusion.

Revenue share opportunity allows you to make up to 1% on each transaction.

Accept the cards your international shoppers carry.

Be ready for every potential sale by accepting global card brands on your terminal
and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Accept more payments

Tourist season is officially back.

In the last few months, total foreign volume growth is outpacing US volume growth as overseas travellers come to Canada.1

Total foreign volume growth was up 80% in January 2022 vs January 2021.1

At Restaurants we saw volume growth of 446% in March, vs 206% in September.1

Watch our short video to see Dynamic Currency Conversion in action.