Thank you for your interest in Promo Cards!

Unfortunately, this promotion is now over, but you can still learn about Promo Cards at or call to ask about our latest promotion.

Why are Promo Cards a good fit for your business?

The Moneris Promotional Gift Card Program (Promo Cards) enables business owners to run custom promotions with coupon-like gift cards.

Custom promotions

Customize your promotion to help you achieve your unique business objective.

Time controlled

Set an expiry date, so you have control of when your promotion starts and ends.

Comprehensive Reporting

Understand how your promotions perform with access to our web-based reporting portal.

Trial-sized quantities

Order in large quantities, or as few as 50 Promo Cards.

Simple and seamless

Integrate seamlessly with your existing Moneris POS terminal.

Fast delivery

Place your order and receive your Promo Card delivery within one week.**

Promo Cards can help you increase:

In-store traffic during slow periods

Online traffic or purchases

Repeat customers

Email subscriber base

Did you know?

70% of Canadians are more likely to shop at a business when they have a Promo Card.***

“Customers were excited to use the cards and came back to the store multiple times to redeem them during the promotional period.”

Krista McBay, Dealer and Owner
Home Hardware

Order now and we’ll waive the set-up fee.*