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3-D Secure 2.0
You can’t authenticate every transaction manually. 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS) does it for you. This tool uses risk-based authentication to help confirm the validity of transactions in real-time. 

Works in real-time

Uses risk-based authentication to confirm validity instantly for better speed and security.

A better customer experience

Streamlined authentication makes checkout faster and reduces cart abandonment.

More peace of mind

3DS increases security and decreases the chance of fraud, building confidence with your customers.

Moneris Kount® Essential

Enhance your ecommerce security and help protect your business from chargebacks. Make online purchasing safer with this advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your transactions in real-time. 

Reduces chargebacks

More security and less risk

Gives you your time back

The power of AI means fewer manual reviews

Let the right transactions through

Decrease the risk of rejecting safe transactions

"We saw a noted increase in our chargebacks, due to fraud, right from the outset of the pandemic. As our strategic partner in payment processing, Moneris suggested that we should benefit from the 3DS, and worked diligently with our IT partners to integrate the 3DS technology into our systems. From the financial perspective, the ROI on this is fantastic!! The incidences of fraud-related chargebacks has dried to a trickle; saving us both the chargeback and the related chargeback fees."

– Jeffrey Chiasson
Chief Financial Officer, Soft Moc

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